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Aurelia Bennett

Aurelia Bennett is currently completing a Masters at the Royal College of Art in Curating Contemporary Art.

For her own artistic practise as a painter, she is building a body of work which translates the music of Franz Liszt's twelve transcendental etudes into visual forms.

The relationship between music and art, and investigating intermedial processes, is a keen area of interest for Aurelia. She is collaborating with her mother, working separately but in duet for this project. They aim to simultaneously explore Liszt's music individually through different manners of abstraction, and generate a dialogue between their interpretations.

In addition to this series, Aurelia will be showcasing some of her other paintings which stand alone in their subject matter, but sympathetically hang with the main series.


23 Balmuir Gardens, London SW15 6NG, UK
Putney Trail Map Number: 

Opening 7th & 8th 

Opening 14th & 15th 



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