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Shirley Chi

Shirley is a painter and illustrator based in South London. Trained within the atelier

tradition, she works primarily from life, yet imagination is foundational to her work.

Storytelling is the salt in Shirley’s art where she explores how the ordinary

becomes the surreal, all of which is mediated by the themes of identity, nostalgia

and romanticism. Her work, then, explores the space between the real and the

imaginary, invoking her inner world and the creations within it through the images

she constructs.

With a background in Visual Arts and Museology, Shirley enjoys experimenting

with multiple medias, such as oils, printmaking, clay and collages. Using the

media’s characteristics to interpret the narratives she builds. Her current focus is

oil painting, which she’s training part time at London Fine Art Studios.

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Art Form :

painter, craft maker, print maker, clay figure maker

07503 721500

Studio 37
Wimbledon Art Studios, Riverside Yard, London SW17 0BB, UK

Opening 7th & 8th 


Opening 14th & 15th 


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