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Lucinda Denning

I studied painting at Farnham College of Art and ten years later took an MA at Chelsea College of Art, London.

My work encompasses paintings both oils on canvas and gouaches on paper, as well as some painted furniture and some small painted wooden screens.

I sometimes make Linocut and Woodcut prints.

I also make Mosaics

Some paintings will be of individual figures, some of groups of figures and others are composed of more traditional landscapes.

Colour is a perennial theme in my work, the juxtaposition of certain colours, the patterns I create with colour, and the emotional response we have to each colour and hue. I incorporate elements of fabrics and costumes from around the world and from history.

Having grown up in the countryside, natural forms often recur.

In tandem with my interest in colour and pattern, people fascinate me and I endeavour to convey a story by using looks and glances between members of a group.

I am as happy painting portraits from life as I am creating figures from my imagination.

Art Form :



Spalding Road, London SW17 9BW, United Kingdom

Opening 7th & 8th 


Opening 14th & 15th 


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