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Joyce Akrasi

Inspired by 50/60’s African fashion nostalgia, yet quintessentially British with a London accent, akrasiboutique produce unique hair and clothing accessories that are quirky, classic and stylish.

Akrasi is a zero waste design boutique,  sourcing distinctive and colourful textiles from deadstock and exclusive prints mixed with vintage finds, copper, brass, silver, bronze and glass to produce one of kind hair and clothing accessories.

All items are handmade in small batches using the highest quality wax prints to create unique and stylish adornments you won't find anywhere else.

Being creative means feeling free to express my sense of African culture as a diasporan. Exploring dual identity with style and Afrofuturism.

African wax prints are great because they also have a complicated history linked to various parts of our planet. 

Identity is a very important part of wellbeing. Being able to express our sense of self encourages pride, self care and an eclectic community.

Art Form :

Textile arts


16a Stapleton Rd, London SW17 8AU, United Kingdom

Opening 7th & 8th 


Opening 14th & 15th 


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