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Consuelo Celluzzi

I've been drawing and crafting things since I can remember. My father is an excellent wood artisan and my eyes have loved and learnt his craft by watching him fabricating furniture, sculptures and many more. My main source of inspiration has always been nature with an inclination toward the magical and whimsical side of it. I make and sell on Etsy both craft-kits and greeting cards. I also run workshops in local pubs and bars in the Balham/Tooting area. One of the main goals of my business is to get more people into arts & craft for it can be an excellent antidote to stress. Art, painting and expressing oneself through the creation of an artefact, puts the mind in a similar state to meditation and this has saved my mental health on many occasions in the past. With the years I developed a set of skills I would love to share and give people, wherever they are in life, the tool to experience the same benefits.

Art Form :

Illustrator and Crafter (wood, paper, felt)

07790 968257

flat 6, 84 Elmbourne Road, London SW17 8JH, United Kingdom

Opening 7th & 8th 


Opening 14th & 15th 


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