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Alma Tipon

Alma Tipon is an aerial seascape painter based in the lively city of London, UK. With a deep artistic affinity for the sea, Alma finds inspiration in its serene colours and captivating textures, which are expertly translated into her artwork. Through a masterful blend of calming hues and dynamic strokes, Alma skillfully captures the essence of the sea, evoking a sense of profound beauty and tranquillity in her paintings. Visitors to her studio are invited to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Alma Tipon's art, where the power and allure of the sea come to life on the canvas.

Art Form :


07447 937007

Studio 136
Wimbledon Art Studios, Riverside Yard, London SW17 0BB, United Kingdom

Opening 7th & 8th 


Opening 14th & 15th 


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